Why Choose Our Technology?

Fast and easy to lay

In the first stage, when the structure is only metal, the Our Technology® beam’s weight is, proportionally, very light: thus it can be worked, quick and ready, by any of the standard cranes used in the building yards, provided that the concrete casting is implemented after the laying.

Total self-bearing system

While in first stage Our Technology® beams bear their own weight, as well as the one of the concrete casting and the floor, with no need of props or cribs; in the second stage, when the additional casting is done, they can bear even accidental overloads.

Aseismic safety

Our Technology® System guarantees the maximum aseismic safety in compliance with the current EU’s law provisions concerning earthquake-proof building planning – even as for multi-floor buildings. Thus it represents and offers a standard technology, brilliant and perfectly performing even in places with the highest aseismic risk.

Fire prevention

The metal parts of Our Technology® System, as englobed in concrete, are protected from fire and guarantee the required resistance of the structure in case of fire.

Beams can be assembled directly on the spot

As for large or no-easy-access yards, self supporting beams may be assembled on the spot.

Lower floor is immediately available

By combining a self-supporting floor with Our Technology® beams, the underlying floor level is immediately accessible as no shoring is required.

Site Safety

The Our Technology® system complies with European safety regulations (Italian legislative decrees no. 626 and 494).

No need of maintenance

Unlike metal structures, Our Technology® beams not need any maintenance or cure: indeed, the metal part, as englobed in concrete, is protected from dry oxidation.