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Maiwir Engineering Pvt Ltd. is an innovative, steel-composite design, fabrication and construction company based in India.

Maiwir Engineering has its own two PEB manufacturing factories in the states of Telangana and Gujarat with a total working capacity of 4000 MT per month, which is in the process of scaling up to 10,000 MT per month. Our well-equipped manufacturing facility is spread across 450,000 sft.

In addition to the PEB structures made as per design, Maiwir Engineering is an Exclusive Design and Fabrication Partner with a few European based Technologies related to Steel-composite Structures, Monolithic Insulated Construction System (MICS™) and Light-Gauge Steel Structures

Maiwir Engineering Steel-Composite Construction Technology:

The Maiwir Engineering system has been used in Italy and abroad for over 40 years as a successful alternative to traditional building methods, as its scalability, costeffectiveness and design efficiency provide a significant added value.

Our system is a patented, highly flexible building system:

Maiwir Engineering system is composed of horizontal structures (beams) and vertical ones (piers), which can be used either separately or as part of a system depending upon the required standards. It is a global, effective and advanced solution for industrial, commercial and residential buildings, as well as for large works, infrastructures, facilities, renovation and conservative restoration.

FASTEST and MOST FLEXIBLE building system on the market:

Our system makes the yard be ‘industrialized’ as for optimization of time, materials and human resources. It provides the best planning of materials delivery, structure installation and targeted use of the labour, too.