Seeing friends or doing mindfulness meditations can focus one’s attention elsewhere and later lead to simple, problem-solving actions. But don’t try to start convos when people are actively in the zone and sweating their tails off. And working together on a common goal will strengthen that connection even further. Think about joining a local kickball league, cheesemaking class, neighborhood preservation society, wine and painting night, book club, and more. Another easy way to immerse yourself into a group of like-minded people is to join a class. You may find a lead for your next work gig or your new best remote work friend.

how to make friends when you work from home

Since you have so much solo time already, be conscious and intentional about how you use your downtime. When you’re feeling lonely while working remotely, reach out and make plans with others. Does the idea of remote work how to make friends when you work from home make you a little nervous? Use these tips to get out of the house and find social breaks. To investigate this, we engaged in an 18-month study of the Midwest division of a global technology corporation, “Cloudly” .

— Create Social Breaks

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If you have the best recipe for lasagna or blueberry pie, share it, maybe with a photo from the last time you made it. Reddit is a great source to find an open mic night in your area, and even if you don’t want to display your talent , people are genuinely friendly and willing to talk to you. He was hired in December 2021 onto a small marketing team for a software company. She is a medical records manager in the state of Wisconsin.

How to Make Friends While Working from Home? Ask These Office Newbies.

Whatever lights your fire after you close the laptop is the perfect gateway to a new friendship. Maybe your local soup kitchen has a rooftop garden that is always looking for a few spare hands. Start sweatworking and you’ll meet loads of network connections. Already being into the same hobby or activity means you’ll have common ground to kick off conversations with strangers that may lead to friendship. This connection and understanding may make it easier for you to get used to working solo and expand your circle of friends at the same time. These spaces are typically set up with desks, access to outlets, and room enough to meet like-minded individuals who are in the same remote boat.

  • You can’t rely on the convenience of casual office interactions to help you develop relationships with co-workers.
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  • A separate study by teambuilding company Wildgoose found that 40% of remote workers are lonely and lack friendships.

Include an unstructured opportunity later in the meeting when people have gotten over their awkwardness. We found that remote workers often experienced virtuality as “a barrier” to forming friendships with their colleagues. To overcome this barrier, they had to establish what we termed cadence.

How To Make Friends And Influence Colleagues, Even When Working From Home

Sure, the objective is to work/study, but making friends matters a lot as well. But one of the single greatest benefits of the internet in the 21st century is that it makes it a lot more easy to reconnect with people who were once part of our lives. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they know of any volunteer opportunities in your area.

how to make friends when you work from home

If you live in the same city, suggest to your new work bestie that you grab a coffee together during a break time, or go for a walk after work. If you’re interested in getting to know someone in a different city, consider a regular virtual cocktail or late night cup of tea. Big Orange Heart – a charity dedicated to supporting and promoting mental health and wellbeing in remote working communities – is a great place to start.