Established in 2015 by Sarath C Parupalli, Maiwir Infra is an innovative design, manufacturing, and construction company based in Telangana, India. We deliver path-breaking ingenious design solutions that are cost effective, faster and highly flexible. The magnificence of Maiwir technologies is hugely accredited to its underlying foundation, thereby inaugurating a new renaissance in the construction world. In 2016, the Government of India recognised Maiwir as part of the Start-Up India Initiative, for its rigorous R&D efforts in emerging building technologies.
Having invested many years in R&D, by on-boarding a global team of design experts, who are equipped with the latest advancements in composite -steel structure systems, Maiwir is offering tailor made sustainable solutions under one roof to cater the rapid growing Infrastructure sector’s needs, thereby achieving massive reductions in construction time, without compromising the quality & safety in any construction.

Maiwir is the first Indian company to launch several ground-breaking building technologies to the Indian Construction Industry. These technologies are challenging the age-old conventional methods of construction, which are highly dependent on various factors such as uncertainty of local manpower, other resources, and long gestation periods. Maiwir Infra has revolutionised the infrastructure industry by an unparalleled speed of construction resulting in faster returns of investments.



Hybrid Composite
Steel Structures

Monolithic Insulated
Concrete System


Space Frames


Building Information


Master Planning

We do master planning for large scale projects in providing the conceptual layout for future growth & development with the most efficient strategy to build it up. We generate good master plans by pulling in ideas from a variety of sources: the public, city council, key stakeholders (like historical, environmental, or cultural groups), private contractors, etc., so future development reflects a multitude of perspectives.


We have the best team of architects to translate the client’s vision into reality by giving sustainable, modern & practical architectural plans. Our inhouse Hybrid composite system & Architecture come hand in hand to achieve any complex structure with the most optimized solution.

Structural Designing

With design being our remarkable strength, we cater tailor-made structural design solutions complying with the static & wind loads, seismic loads, safety norms as per the standard American, European & Indian codes. We are capable of delivering our work saving on resources, time and money.

Manufacture & Build

We have joined hands with various manufactures across the world to facilitate the production of Hybrid composite, PEB and Precast elements, by reducing the logistic cost drastically. We are proud to have a team of highly skilled & experienced project managers for the on-site installation works, who handover the product to the client in the shortest possible time with utmost perfection.


We focus on providing smart solutions in Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing works for better business and a higher quality of life, by getting the best-in-class service with a highly experienced technical team. We offer services like Piping, Ducting, Installation of Air Terminals, Installation of FCU & CSC, Installation of Cooling Tower, Fusing of Pipelines, Pressure Testing of Pipes, etc.


We have a new approach to building envelope design, supported by the assurance of guaranteed performance; an out and out solution to the challenge of matching performance with aesthetics. We provide Unitized & Semi Unitized Curtain Wall System, ACP Cladding Works, Spider Glazing and Fin Glass System, Stone cladding, Marble cladding and Equivalent Cladding Works, Structural Steel Canopy with Glass, etc.


  1. High Rise Residential & Commercial buildings

  2. Hospitals & Educational Institutions

  3. Bridges & Flyovers

  4. Seaports & Airports

  5. Data Centers

  6. Recreational Centres

  7. Affordable Housing

  8. Warehouses & Showrooms

  9. Railway & Metro Station




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